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Upholding World Community Vision, China TusStar Tech-Products Fight Toghther in “Anti-pandemic” Initiative

On January 29th, TusStar and Thailand Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) officially signed a memorandum of understanding in Bangkok, Thailand, to promote the development of TusStar Thailand and to further promote the development of China and Thailand in the field of science and technology.

A lot happened this week in TusStar Malaysia.

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What is TusStar?

TusStar was started in 1999, and registered as TusPark Business Incubator Co., Ltd. in 2001.


We firstly introduced the concept of “incubation + investment” in China for innovation and entrepreneurship business. Through years, we've been given many honors - 'Advanced Incubation Service Institution in National High-tech Parks', 'the Best Incubation Environment of High-tech and Innovation Base in Beijing', and the 'national incubator' announced by the Torch Centre, and received the Award of Best Practice of Scientific Incubator as well.


By providing innovation services and building integrated platforms through decades, TusStar has been grown up together with tenant startups. Up till now, We have incubated over 5000 firms, among which there are 49 'Diamond Company', 45 'Golden Seed Project' companies, 35 listed companies, and 81 leading talents from “Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, “Overseas Talent Pooling Program” and “High-end Leading Talent Pooling Program”.


TusStar never stops the exploration in the incubation business, and will continuesly forge the international and specialized innovation ecosystem.


Incubation Services

Through years of operation, TusStar provides one-stop incubation service within our ecosystem.

We help startups and scaleups got connected to the <Government>, <Industry Gaints>, <Universities>, <Research Institutes>, <Finance agencies>, <Intermediary>, <Trade and Media>


Entrepreneurship Training

We run 2000+ activities and programmes each year through out our global network.

Project Review
Start-up 'q&a'
Business Tour
CEO Club
Startup lectures
TusStar Camp
Tsinghua Community

Open Platform


TusStar Venture Capital started from 1999, it has accumulated more than 300 startups and invested over 2 billion RMB so far. Now it owns and manages 50 million fund pond. TusStar VC is focuesd on TMT, mobile internet, cleantech, new material, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, education, intelligent hardware and consumption area etc. It not only supplies funds supporting to the startups but also focuses on value-added services of investment, e.g., equity financing and business model design, etc.

With the support of professional investments and service teams, the incubator provides professional, normative and scientific investment, business and angel services for the funds and investors on the platform.



14th Floor, Block A, Innovation Plaza, TusPark

Beijing, China 100086

TEL. 400 150 0019


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