Vice Premier of the State Council 'Gets Onborad'- TusStar 'High-speed Rails'

Post Time:15-09-2017

Early today, Ma Kai, Vice premier of the state council, visited the District 100 of TusStar at the National Entrepreneurship and Employment Exhibition, along with the high-quality enterprises TusStar incubated.

Ma Kai at the 100th section of TusStar

'District 100' is a moving incubator of TusStar, and this is its virgin show to the world at the National Entrepreneurship and Employment Exhibition. The exhibition was co-hosted by Ministry of Human resources and Social Security and People's government of Shandong Province.

Shen Quanhong giving the presentation of TusStar

"TusStar is mapping its global network and has achieved impressive accomplishments," saids Shen Quanhong, GM of TusStar, as he was presenting business reach of the company to Vice Premier Ma Kai, "TusStar has officially entered into an 'high-speed era', like a high-speed rail, 'loaded' with the information, services and resources, roaring towards the startups and entrepreneurers around the world. TusStar is not only a physical space for incubation, it is a open platform with a global reach."

Ever since year 2014, with the support of TusPark, TusStar has formed the largest domestic incubating network, possessing over 90 incubation bases, located at more than 50 cities in China, and managed to establish incubation center in the US, Brazil and Malaysia etc.

Ma Kai is visiting enterprise incubated by TusStar

TusStar Entrepreneurship Saloon at the exhibition

During this 5-day E&E exhibition, TusStar 'District 100' was given a 140 sq.m space to present its roadmap, business model, core spirit and loads of incubated high-tech products. TusStar saloon was held at the same time giving open startup training lectures and 1V1 consulting services.