Curtain Descended on TusStar-ADB CleanTech Startup Competition

Post Time:2017-10-26

The TusStar-ADB CleanTech Startup Competition Final was held at the Central Hall in TusPark on the morning of 26th October. During the contest, PS-AKS from Shanghai awarded with the first prize, and GM-Robot and Beijing Huatai Technology Co.,Ltd placed the 2nd and 3rd. Futher cooperations with TusStar and ADB are under discussion.

Mr. Zhai Yongping, Director of the Energy Department of ADB

Mr. Zhang Jinsheng, VP of Tus-holdings, President of TusStar

The final contest was carried out in terms of projects roadshows with Q&A on site. The judges group are comprised of Huang He, Partner of North Light Venture Capital, Tao Jiemin, Partner of Zhongjieneng Fund, Bai Yunfeng, Chairman of CPCEP Group, Fang Yuan, Partner of Tsing Capital, Zuo Lin, Partner of Ecofund, Yi Ming, Executive Director of Qiming VC, Zhao Yu, Partner of THG Venture, and 5 other partners or presidents of companies in cleantech industry. All 10 competing projects will be evaluated from technology, marketing and team members by those professionals.

Judges Group

Mr. Wang Xiaokang


All 10 projects were presented by the competitors in terms of team members, marketing strategy, revenue plan and business models, giving detailed and vivid demonstrations to the audience and judges.

Mr. Huang He, Partner of North Light VC

"All companies that participated and entered the final stage of this contest would definitely achieved much of experience and knowledge, and I suggest that each of them would keep learning during future operation of their companies.", said Huang He at the contest.

Later, Bai Yunfeng, President of CECPE Group, gave a speech on the pattern and development of the cleantech industry, explaining the basic model of utilizing industrial resources and claiming for more attentions on the cleantech industry.

Mr. Bai Yunfeng

The 2017 TusStar-ADB CleanTech Startup Competition was co-hosted by Tus-Holdings and Asian Development Bank for the 2nd time. As for the winning companies in the 1st competition in 2016, there are a few numbers that have to be mentioned: 19 million RMB for Pre-A round for Jiangsu Gaiya Environmental Science and Technology Co.,Ltd at the beginning of 2017, who won the 2nd prize in 2016, and got their A round investment of 40 million RMB in October this year; another winning company last year called Ce-Tech Co.,Ltd get their Pre-A investment of 10 million RMB this year.

This competition was initiated on 7 July, 2017, and got fast repond from over 100 startup companies from cleantech industry. During 3-month period of the contest, all contestants had achieved plenty experience and konwledge through series of professional trainings and competitions. It is the common goal for both TusStar and ADB to integrate industrial resources and build the cleantech ecosystem.