Historical Moment: Grand Opening of the First TusStar International Incubation Space

Post Time:2017-11-19

On November 17, 2017, a grand opening was held for the first international incubation space -- TusStar Ann Arbor by TusStar and Tus-International. TusStar Ann Arbor is located in Ann Arbor City in Michigan, it is the very first space fully operated and managed by TusStar in the US, and is a major move for TusStar international layout.

Ma Zhigang, Board member of Tusholings, President of Tus-International, President of TusFinancial Group, together with Shen Quanhong, Director of Incubation Business of Tusholdings, General Manager of TusStar, with Yang Ming, Special Assitant of the President of Tusholdings, COO & Executive Director of Tus-International has jointly attended this opening ceremony.

Mr. Ma Zhigang is giving the speech

During the speech, Mr. Ma mentioned that TusStar Ann Arbor is a specialized incubator in automotive industry formed by TusStar and Tus-International in the University of Michigan with a joint fund for investment. Unlike any other local investment agencies, TusStar Ann Arbor is originated from China, it would be the best option for those local american and chinese companies that willing to explore the chinese market. Tusholdings has a full scale financial and investment system with a complete licensed financial system as support, with scientific research resources of Tsinghua University as supplyment, all of which will contribute to the technology transfer in automotive industry. "In the near future, Tusholdings will build a science park in Ann Arobor to better provide services to the entrepreneurs and researchers here.", said Mr. Ma.

Mr. Shen Quanhong is giving the speech

Shen Quanhong, GM of TusStar, reviewed the history of TusStar Incubator at the opening. For the last 20 years, TusStar has provide services to over 5000 companies with 35 IPOs and over 3 billion dollars equity return. "TusStar will always be the reliable partner for companies dedicated in S&T innovation. TusStar Ann Arbor is the most unique one among all 108 spaces around the world of TusStar, which will be focusd on ICV, AI and Mobile intelligent industries", said Mr. Shen, "Mobile Intelligent will be a worldwide focus in the future, TusStar Ann Arbor will definitely make its own contribution.".

Mr. Frank Ni, COO of TusStar Ann Arbor

Mr. Frank Ni gave a welcome speech at the beginning of the ceremony, and explained the TusStar ecosystem and how TusStar Ann Arbor makes the best of it to provide top-class services to build local innovation system. According to him, TusStar Ann Arbor will be dedicated to help companies and startups in both countries and enhance the collaboration between Tsinghua University and the University of Michigan.


Mr. Nick from University of Michigan research centre and Mr. Bryce from OTT office both pointed that, the partnership between the university and TusStar Ann Arbor will have a major influence on the whole Michigan area, it is a great opportunity for university technology transfer and the development of technology innovation companies.

A Gap Fund Agreement was signed at the ceremony by TusStar, Tus-International and UM, which will help pushing the process of commercialization of the scientific research programs (especially ICV programs) in the university, and building global leading ecosystem of relevant areas, making technology breakthroughs and improving the ability of providing ICV products and solutions. Mr. Ma granted this fund to two programs on site.

Mr. Sheng Quanhong(left), Mr. Bryce and Mr. Yang Ming(right)

Mr. Phi Santer, Senior VP of Ann Arbor SPARK  addressed the significant meaning of establishment of TusStar Ann Arbor. Mr. Les Alexander, CEO of Inmatech and Gerry Roston, CEO of Civonics, as the representitives of the local enterprises, introduced their companies respectfully.