TusStar (Ann Arbor) is the first oversea incubation base fully operated and managed by TusStar Incubator.

Supported by the University of Michigan, utilizing the competitive auto industry of Detroit, TusStar(Ann Arbor) is devoted to building a bridge for technology transfer and cultivation of talents, reinforcing the Sino-US relations in commerce and S&T service.

TusStar(Ann Arbor) will put its focus on the ICV, AI and technology innovation. A VC fund will be established for the transfer of research findings of the university.

Futhermore, a Tus-Michigan Science Park will be built in the following years based on the TusStar(Ann Arbor) Incubator, promoting close cooperation between Tsinghua University and University of Michigan in joint cultivation of talents and joint research of automobile technology innovation, and to bring into being a local scientific and technological service ecosystem