TusStar-Bangkok: New chapter of China-Thailand Cooperation

Post Time:2018-09-20

On September 19th, Digital Thailand Big Bang 2018 was grandly opened in Bangkok, Thailand. During the event, the TusStar (Thailand·Bangkok), an innovative incubation network platform jointly developed by the Thai Digital Economy Promotion Agency and TusHoldings, was unveiled. Dr. Song Qi, First Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Chen Hongbo, Executive Vice President of TusHoldings, Dr. Biche, Minister of Digital Economy and Social Affairs of Thailand, Mr. Teeraun Srihong, Chairman of Thailand Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), Digital Economy Promotion Agency of Thailand (DEPA) Chairman Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanphatchairin, deputy general manager of TusStar Liu Xueliang and representatives from China and Thailand attended the unveiling ceremony to witness the launch of the project.

Opening Ceremony

At the opening ceremony, Thai Prime Minister Yoshihiko Bae said that “correct understanding and use of the technology is the key factor to judge its goodness and contribution to life. The Thai government will further develop digital technology, enhance people’s lives and create wisdom city".

Opening Ceremony

On the same day, witnessed by the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Dr. Song Qi, TusStar (Thailand, Bangkok) was officially unveiled. This is Thailand's first cross-border incubator and a new milestone in the cooperation between China and Thailand in building the “Eastern Economic Corridor”, symbolizing the longer-term development of China and Thailand in promoting regional economic prosperity and supporting the growth and development of digital technology startups. TusStar (Thailand, Bangkok) will focus on creating five major innovation platforms: one is to promote and incubate Chinese and Thai and regional entrepreneurial enterprises, improve the technical level and commercial capabilities of enterprises; the second is to promote Thai scientific and technological achievements. The third is to help entrepreneurs in China and Thailand to expand their international vision and create innovative exchange programs between the two countries; fourth, to help start-ups obtain more investment opportunities; and fifth, to gradually realize the economic ecosystem of China-Thailand ventures. Combined with the regional characteristics, TusStar (Thailand, Bangkok) will focus on incubating advanced digital technology companies and focus on helping incubators accelerate their development in big data analysis and artificial intelligence.

Conference with Dr. Song Qi

After the unveiling ceremony, Vice Premier Song Qi invited the TUS delegation to hold a cordial discussion. At the symposium, Vice Premier Song Qi appreciated the method and model of TusHoldings to build an ecosystem of scientific and technological innovation, and expressed his full expectation for this cooperation. He pointed out that he hopes to start planning from TusHoldings from the top-level framework of the science and technology cooperation project, and believes that TusHoldings and TusStar will become friendly partners in building Thailand's innovative ecosystem.

Chen Hongbo, executive vice president, said during the discussion that the TusStar is laid out earlier in Southeast Asia, with a larger scale and faster development. At present, we have achieved good development results in Malaysia. The cooperation with the Thai is a new attempt. He proposed that the TusStar will focus on regional characteristics and innovative cooperation models. The cooperation between China and Thailand seeks steady progress. In the early stage, it creates an innovative and entrepreneurial atmosphere through the form of entrepreneurial training output, and gradually transitions from incubator to technology city, continuously deepens cooperation and expands the scale of cooperation projects. He stressed that he hopes in the cooperation between the two sides, TusStar (Thailand, Bangkok) can play a regional synergy and contribute to the social and economic development of China and Thailand.

23/08, Vice Premier Song Qi met with Chairman Wang Jiwu

Since the meeting of Chairman Wang Jiwu and Prime Minister Song Qi on August 23 early this year, in less than a month, the TUS Team completed the base inspection, signing and unveiling the brand, demonstrating the working efficiency of TUS and the high importance attached to this cooperation. The Thai government attaches great importance to the “Belt and Road, Science and Technology Traction” and the recognition of the brand and strength of TUS.